Locally Owned Staffing Agency Serving the Area for Decades

Hedy Holmes Staffing Services provides quality staffing solutions for businesses of all sizes. We’re excited to help you find a match for your company! We have a proven track record in meeting our clients’ needs and developing customized, onsite job matching services that suit them perfectly. If what we’ve seen from previous customers indicates how things will go with yours too – then don’t worry about it because at Personnel Specialists Ltd., providing access 24/7 from day one through follow-up interviews or even just as an emergency last-minute hire if needed right away is something we take pride in doing so well

Hedy Holmes Staffing Services has the perfect position for you! Whether looking to supplement your income or start fresh, our temporary staff can help make it happen. From warehouse work to executive-level positions at leading companies in Central Valley and surrounding areas, we connect employers with employees like yourself who are seeking new opportunities right now.

We specialize in both Temporary (short-term) / Temps hiring needs as well As Direct Hire – which means no intermediaries between us & The Recruitment Process Experience. Thanks to our award-winning hiring practices, Hedy Holmes Staffing Services is the largest woman-owned search and recruiting company in two counties. We are proud of how well we have done for both local job seekers as well on a national level! If you’re looking for either temporary or direct hire positions with us then don’t hesitate – just give me call today so that I can find what fits your needs perfectly.”



We know that when your team is successful, it’s a reflection of you. That’s why we focus on building long-lasting personal relationships with leaders in our community and providing world class recruiting services to clients & candidates alike – so they can trust us for all their needs!



The company’s values are to maintain consistent growth, which will allow them to continue improving both the services they offer and how much future career opportunities there are for employees.



Focused discipline, transparency and accountability allow us to treat our employees with the highest levels of dignity and respect.

  • We are committed to providing our customers excellent service.
  • We are honest and ethical. We’re always there for you.
    We never forget that each one of us represents the Hedy team and we keep our promises, admit mistakes when they happen – even though some people might not like it, or understand why we do so in order to preserve integrity!
Community Involvement


We’re a professional, caring company that puts our clients first. We have been helping to fill the workforce needs for over 15 years and take great pride in being able to work with amazing organizations throughout these past decades while providing outstanding service too!

Hedy Holmes Staffing Services


Hedy Holmes, a young woman from Stockton started her own staffing agency in 1994. By 1998 she had expanded to cover Lodi Modesto and Tracy while also branching out into Sacramento’s wider area of service with the opening up of their first branch there.